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Recent Media Coverage of CERN's Knowledge Transfer Activities.

InnoGex, the CERN incubator | Le Pays Gessien

(France / French) L’agence de développement économique (ADE) Pays de Gex – Pays Bellegardien...

CERN attracts innovation in Gex Country | Le Pays Gessien

(France / French) La communauté de communes du Pays de Gex (CCPG) encourage autant que possible la...

The High Schoolers Hunting for the Universe's Secrets | Gizmodo

(English) The Timepix chip developed by the Medipix Collaborations has applications in Education and...

Gizmodo borrows and tests CERN's Medipix chip | Gizmodo

(English) The MiniPix is a plug-and-play Geiger counter for your laptop.

What if the energy released by CERN's experiments heated your home? | Le Pays Gessien

(France / FrencH) Et si l’énergie dégagée par les expériences du CERN chauffait votre logement ?

Timepix chip used in Miniaturized Particle Telescope | NASA

(United States / English) The Miniaturized Particle Telescope (MPT) is a radiation detector that...

Terabee start-up uses CERN Sensor Technology: Helps Make Drones Fast, Cheap, and Under Control | IEEE Spectrum

(English) The TeraRanger One is a maker-friendly, high-speed, high-precision sensor born in the...

Fibre optic technology helps with agriculture challenges | Il Mattino

(Italy / Italian) Fibre optic technology helps with agriculture challenges

Healed by CERN | RTS

(Switzerland / French) Podcast CQFD avec Manuela Cirilli, responsable section des applications...