December 2021

2021 Highlights:

  • Creating impact with CERN’s COVID Airborne Risk Assessment tool;
  • CERN launched the Technology Impact Fund to address global challenges;
  • FLASH radiotherapy facility one step closer!;
  • First European hospital received 3D colour X-ray scanner using CERN technology;
  • CERN-tested optical fibres on the International Space Station;
  • CESP 2021: A launch pad for the next generation of technical entrepreneurs;
  • CERN’s role in next quantum revolution defined;
  • PlanetWatch expanded across Europe and the United States.

Opportunities for students:

  • Applications open for 2022 CERN openlab Summer Student Programme;
  • Accelerators for the environment: Announcing I.FAST Challenge-Based Innovation programme 2022.

November 2021

News Highlights: CERN and CNAO, a long-standing collaboration in the fight against cancer...

October 2021

News Highlights: CERN Quantum Technology Initiative unveils strategic roadmap shaping CERN’s role in...

September 2021

News Highlights: Epidemiologists use CERN technology to evaluate risk of COVID-19 transmission in...

July-August 2021

News Highlights: CERN-tested optical fibres now on the International Space Station; The future...

June 2021

News Highlights: First European hospital receives 3D colour X-ray scanner using CERN technology...