June 2021

June 2021

News Highlights: First European hospital receives 3D colour X-ray scanner using CERN technology; CERN’s impact on medical technology; CLEAR study paves the way for novel electron-based cancer therapy.

Technology Highlights: Singular Light: Integrated Single Mode Laser Converter.

CERN openlab: Make a difference at CERN’s global Webfest; Follow CERN openlab's free, open lectures on cutting-edge computing at CERN.

CERN Alumni: Building on a CERN Experience to conduct exciting and challenging research in the medical sector; The CERN Alumni Network celebrated its 4th anniversary; Discover the benefits of Mentoring with CERN Alumna Pratibha Vikas; From CERN to a CERN spin-off, meet Michael Betz.

CERN & Society Foundation: Annual Review 2020: A year to remember.

EU Projects: Sparking breakthroughs in radiation protection for spacecraft, aviation and accelerators; Arrival of Elytt’s magnet, from the QUACO project, at CERN.

Ideasquare: ATTRACT phase 2 open calls!

CERN's Knowledge Transfer in the media: PlanetWatch form a partnership at the intersection of blockchain and IoT.

November 2020

News Highlights: Making hardware design open and free; New 3D colour X-rays made possible with CERN...

October 2020

News Highlights: From cryogenics to combatting COVID; Browse our medical applications competence...

September 2020

News Highlights: Flashes of electrons against cancer; CERN and Lausanne University Hospital...

August 2020

News Highlights: Knowledge transfer at the service of the new European particle physics strategy...

July 2020

News Highlights: Terapet closes CHF 1 Million seed financing to advance the development of proton...