November 2020

November 2020

News Highlights: Making hardware design open and free; New 3D colour X-rays made possible with CERN technology; Knowledge Transfer for the environment; CERN air-quality data analysis spin-off raises 1.2 million euros in funding.

Entrepreneurship Highlights: Inspiring the next generation of technical entrepreneurs; The 2020 CERN-NTNU Screening Week successfully completes its twelfth run.

CERN & Society: BL4S: A fun exposure to STEM!

European Commission co-funded projects: High five for CERN European Union projects

CERN Openlab: A practical introduction to quantum computing - follow Openlab online lecture series

CERN Alumni: CERN gave me a second PhD

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May 2020

News Highlights: How CERN technology and expertise can help you prepare for the post COVID-19...

April 2020

News Highlights: Knowledge Transfer 2019 Highlights; CERN against COVID-19; MARS Bioimaging is...

March 2020

News Highlights: CERN updates its Open Hardware Licence; Applying physics to financial markets...

January 2020

News Highlights: CERN highlights from 2019; CERN Knowledge Transfer Fund and Medical Applications...

December 2019

News Highlights: State of European Tech: Where Are We Today, and What's Next?; NASA, CERN Timepix...