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CERN Control Center (Image: CERN)

Digital solutions

Driving digital innovation with CERN technology

Digital technologies drive almost all aspects of modern life: from basic everyday tasks like measuring the distance walked to creating positive socio-economic impact through digital twins of cities.

CERN technologies pose countless possibilities for such innovative digital solutions. The expertise and technological know-how from CERN can also be used in areas beyond high-energy physics like preventing fraud in financial markets, helping autonomous- driving vehicles make faster decisions, art restoration and digital preservation of cultural heritage, and for contributing towards a healthier and more sustainable planet.



The potential application areas of CERN technologies are obviously not limited to the ones mentioned above. Have a look at our technology portfolio - maybe any of our technologies could apply to your industry? Or maybe your company could learn from any of CERN’s areas of expertise? 

Find out more about how CERN technologies and know-how have impact across industries:

Expertise and key competencies for digital technology

The expertise of particle physicists in data handling and simulation tools are also increasingly finding applications in the biomedical field.
CERN’s unique knowhow derived from storage and worldwide distribution of vast amounts of data.
Know-how and experience derived from early adoption of neural network techniques by particle physics community.
CERNs know-how and experience with ‘big data’ analysis for high energy physics and control of systems used in the LHC.
Large global scientific collaborations are the foundation of CERN achievements. Scientists need to exchange documents, publications, photos, videos and more. They need to meet, physically or virtually to debate and exchange ideas. CERN has expertise in bu
Devices, systems and methods for keeping people safe at one of the world’s most complex, large-scale research infrastructures.
from fundamental research to our everyday lives

Digital related news 

CERN software to become central hub for EU research

Over the last ten years, CERN-born Zenodo has evolved to store ever more scientific data. Today, a new project is set to ensure Zenodo’s position as a prime repository for EU research data

23 January, 2024

Digital twins at CERN and beyond

Discover how these virtual copies of reality are being used at CERN and what their impact is on society

14 November, 2023

From physics to finance: how can CERN tools help to uncover market manipulation?

With its world-renowned expertise in the analysis of massive volumes of data, CERN has started a unique collaboration with leading market-surveillance experts to explore how particle physics could help to build future manipulation-detection techniques

28 June, 2023

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