Devices, systems and methods for keeping people safe at one of the world’s most complex, large-scale research infrastructures.

CERN's Know-How:

Decades of experience protecting the Health & Safety (H&S) of personnel and visitors in varied hazardous and/or inaccessible operational environments

Development of unique robotics technologies for remote intervention and monitoring

Development of advanced sensors and radiation monitors for protection of personnel

Facts & Figures:

7 TeV: Energy in one LHC particle beam – equivalent to an F16 airplane at supersonic speed

c.7000: Number of workers in radiation areas at CERN

13,500: Estimated number of visitors per year to the CERN sites

13,000 Amps: Electrical current capable of going through one of the connections between CERN’s superconducting magnets

Value Proposition:

Read more about Health, Safety and Environement Safety here.

    Some projects applying these tools: 
    • ActiWiz: Licence Signed with ARRONAX, Co-development of Standards for Characterisation of Activated Material
      Developing standards for activated material characterisation would not only improve the safe handling of these materials, but also help unclutter storage facilities by removing materials that can be recycled.

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