Project Description: 

The activation of material is often an important issue for all environments exposed to accelerator beams. It has considerable impact on safety and handling constraints. One of the key parameters responsible for activation is the chemical composition of the material involved which can often be optimized in order to reduce material activation. However, this is a quite complex and time consuming task which requires considerable expertise in the field of radiation protection. The ActiWiz software has been developed with the aim to hide this complexity by reducing the problem to the definition of a few input parameters via a graphical user interface. Based on a large amount of generic FLUKA Monte Carlo simulations the software applies a specifically developed risk assessment model to provide support to decision makers for choosing materials with low(er) activation risks. In addition to using the software, a catalogue providing a reference of the radiological risk of large number of typical construction materials has been compiled and can be made available to interested parties.



Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8



H. VINCKE, C. THEIS - ActiWiz – Optimizing your Nuclide Inventory at Proton Accelerators with a Computer Code; Proceedings of the ICRS12 conference, 2012, Nara, Japan, Progress in Nuclear Science and Technology, accepted for publication (2013).

Some projects using this technology: 
  • ActiWiz: Licence Signed with ARRONAX, Co-development of Standards for Characterisation of Activated Material
    Developing standards for activated material characterisation would not only improve the safe handling of these materials, but also help unclutter storage facilities by removing materials that can be recycled.

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