Large global scientific collaborations are the foundation of CERN achievements. Scientists need to exchange documents, publications, photos, videos and more. They need to meet, physically or virtually to debate and exchange ideas. CERN has expertise in building software tools empowering such collaborations.

CERN's know-how: 

  • Designing scalable multimedia digital repositories empowering collaboration
  • Support for all type of event organization and meeting management for large collaborations
  • Tested open source solutions, offering many features extendable and customizable

Facts & Figures​:

  • Highly scalable digital repository, with over 100 million records
  • Approximately 2.5 million user contributions to the CERN event management system
  • Full multimedia support: Publications, Audiovisual Material, Images
  • 630,000 events to date in the CERN event management system

Value Proposition:

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