ASI Obtains TimePix3 Licence from CERN

Success Story

Application Domains

Amsterdam Scientific Instruments (ASI), a spin-off from Nikhef, the Dutch Institute of Particle Physics, offers hybrid pixelated detectors for a broad range of applications both for scientific and industrial users. In 2017, ASI acquired its third licence from CERN – this time for the Timepix3 technology, a core component for ASI’s next generation hybrid pixel cameras. With the newly obtained licence, the company can now deliver the systems commercially, with applications varying from X-ray imaging, electron microscopy to particle track reconstruction. Hans Brouwer, CEO of ASI, highlights that the licence demonstrates a next step in the ongoing and fruitful collaboration between ASI and CERN – “we are proud to be a commercialisation partner of CERN for Medipix technology”.

Fields of Expertise