KT fund and Medical Applications budget application deadline



Are you working on a project that may have applications beyond particle physics?

CERN personnel have until May 17 to apply for two funds to help them develop their projects.

The CERN Knowledge Transfer fund provides funding for projects with high potential for impact outside high-energy physics. It aims to bridge the gap between research and industry, and to support the projects most likely to benefit society.

The Medical Applications budget supports projects specifically related to medical applications. CERN personnel working with CERN technologies, which could have potential applications in the medical field, can apply for grants to purchase material or to fund Early Career Researchers.

Since the launching of these funding mechanisms, 90 projects have been funded, creating opportunities for the transfer of CERN technology and know-how to diverse technological fields ranging from medical and biomedical technologies, aerospace applications, cultural heritage, safety and industry 4.0.

Application deadline: Monday 17 May 2021

Please remember that for the Medical Applications budget, you have to present the project at a CERN MAPF meeting before submission.

The selection committee will take place on Thursday 24 June 2021, 13:30 to 17:30.

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