CERN Medical Applications budget – Overview

What is the CERN Medical Applications budget?

CERN provides a limited amount of seed funding for projects with medical applications. Since 2014, 26 projects have been funded with an average grant of about 75 kCHF per project. The MA budget has funded the equivalent of 25 researchers since 2014.

The application and selection procedure is described in detail here.

Who can apply?

Current CERN Members of the Employed Personnel can apply, if their project is related to medical applications.

Is there a deadline to apply?

Yes, the selection committee meets once or twice a year. The date of the 2021 MA budget selection committee meetings will be communicated beginning of 2021. Please be aware you need to present to the MAPF before. The procedure is described in detail here

Who is on the selection committee?

The selection committee is composed of CERN's department heads or their representatives, as well as members of the CERN Knowledge Transfer group.

What type of funding can I expect to receive?

The Medical Applications budget typically covers one PhD student or fellow, and/or material budget.

What conditions should my proposed project meet?

In order to be considered for funding, projects should meet the following conditions:

  • The project proposal must be approved by the Department Head;
  • The salary cost of staff members involved in the project is covered by the Department;
  • The project is based on a CERN technology or know-how;
  • The Intellectual Property (IP) required to execute the project is owned or co-owned by CERN and there is no conflict over the IP required to execute the project.
  • The project is related to medical applications.

What is the application and selection procedure?

The procedure is described in detail here

Should I apply for the Medical Applications budget or for the CERN Knowledge Transfer fund?

If your project is related to medical applications, you must first apply for the Medical Applications budget.

If your project is considered relevant to CERN’s strategy, but there is no available funding within the Medical Applications budget, you can apply for the KT fund.

Should I contact the Medical Applications section before submitting my projects?

You are encouraged to contact us early in the drafting process to inform about your interest in submitting a proposal. You are required to submit a draft to have its eligibility evaluated, before submitting the final proposal. You may further request the support of KT experts in market analysis and to help assess the dissemination potential of the related technology.

I still have a question, who can I ask?

If you have any questions, please contact the KT-MA section at: