MAPF - CERN Medical Applications Project Forum

The MAPF is composed of CERN experts in medical applications, appointed by the Heads of CERN Departments, and is chaired by the KT-MA section leader. It meets once a month to discuss the status of on-going activities, to explore new avenues, and to develop synergies.


Do you work for CERN? Do you have an idea for a medical-applications related project?

The MAPF is your first point of contact to make sure that your project fits in CERN’s strategy for Medical Applications. You can contact your Department representatives at any time.

Industry, Procurement & Knowledge Transfer Department

Name Role
ANELLI, Giovanni Knowledge Transfer Group Leader
HARTLEY, Chris Head of IPT Department
CIRILLI, Manuela

Knowledge Transfer - Medical Applications Section Leader

MAPF Chair


Medical Applications Officer

MAPF Scientific Secretary

Accelerator and Technology Sector

Name Role
VRETENAR, Maurizio

Medical Accelerators

HATZIANGELI, Eugenia ATS Medical Applications Coordinator

Accelerator Systems Department 


STORA, Thierry


High-frequency high-gradient Linacs

Beams Department

Name Role
LOMBARDI, Alessandra

Hadron Sources & Linacs

Engineering Department

FORAZ, Katy Department Head
NONIS, Mauro Planning, Administration and Safety

Experimental Physics Department

Name Role
COSMO, Gabriele Geant4
AUFFRAY HILLEMANNS, Etiennette Spokesperson of the Crystal Clear Collaboration (CCC), PET, scintillating crystals
PIZZICHEMI, Marco PET, scintillating crystals
CAMPBELL, Michael Spokesperson of the Medipix Collaboration / Hybrid pixel detectors
JORAM, Christian AX-PET Collaboration

Occupational Health & Safety and Environmental Protection Unit

Name Role
CARBONEZ, Pierre Dosimetry

Information Technology Department

Name Role
HOIMYR, Nils  

Technology Department

Name Role
PEREZ REALE, Valeria Accelerator Technologies - Projects and Planning group leader

Finance and Administrative Processes Department

Name Role
PORKORSKA, Kasia External Funding




Sharepoint site for MAPF (for members)

Indico meeting site (for members)