Project Description: 

The Medipix2 ASIC is a high spatial, high contrast resolving CMOS pixel read-out chip working in single photon counting mode. It can be combined with different semiconductor sensors which convert the X-rays directly into detectable electric signals. This represents a new solution for various X-ray and gamma-ray imaging applications.

The core concept of the Medipix2 chip was originally invented for pattern recognition in tracing of particles in the LHC. Since then the technological platform has evolved and is being developed in different application specific directions.


Some projects using this technology: 
  • Medipix X-ray Technology: from Particle Tracking to Aviation Inspection
    ADVACAM – a company using CERN Medipix technology - developed a new range of X-ray imaging cameras optimised for composite material testing.
  • X-Ray Eyes For Art Authentication And Restoration
    The Medipix collaboration technology is finding its way into the cultural heritage field, where its used for art restoration and imaging.
  • The Medipix Chips and Collaborations: from medical imaging to space dosimetry.
    Originally developed for use in the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) experiments, the Medipix technologies have made the journey from CERN to applications across a wide range of sectors - an outstanding example of how technology developed at CERN can create societal impact.

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