Project Description: 

CERN has developed a family of power supplies used to power the magnets in its accelerator complex. These power supplies can be used to power superconducting magnets, as well as any conventional magnet. They are characterised by their high stability and reliability, as well as their flexible digital control system. 

The 4-Quadrant Magnet Power Supplies have very stringent specifications for the needs of particle accelerators such as linacs, synchrotrons, cyclotrons, as well as particle sources. These power supplies are used to power any kind of magnet.

The Short Pulse Magnet Power Supplies are developed for the needs of particle accelerators such as linacs, particle sources or injection systems. These power supplies are used to power conventional magnets, septum magnets, heating systems of particle sources.

Both types of magnet power supplies are controlled using the FGC control system (Function Generator Controller developed at CERN). The FGC control system covers embedded controls hardware and software, as well as protocols for communication with the higher levels of the accelerator control systems. CERN has developed a software layer to ease integration with the EPICS framework. A similar software layer for the TANGO framework is currently under development. Both frameworks will be able to support FGC. In addition, remote software tools for monitoring and performance analysis are available for diagnostics.

Five types of 4-quadrant magnet power supplies are available for transfer to industry, as well as five types of short pulse magnet power supplies. For details, see specifications below. 

Complete manufacturing folders are available for production and can be licensed to interested parties.





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