DC-DC converter

A radiation and magnetic field tolerant DC-DC Point-Of-Load (POL), which enables distribution at higher voltage, with local on-detector conversion to the voltage required by the electronics, considerably decreasing the current in the cables. As main features, FEAST 2 presents bandgap, handling of dead time with adaptive logic, protection Over-Current (OVO) and Over-Temperature (OPT) and protection Input Voltage Lock Out (ULVO).

Advantages & Applications


  • Input voltage range 5 to 12V

  • Continuous 4A load capability

  • Integrated Power N-channel MOSFETs

  • Adjustable switching frequency 1-3MHz

  • Synchronous Buck topology with continuous mode operation

  • High bandwidth feedback loop (150KHz) for good transient performance

  • Over-Current protection

  • Under-voltage lockup

  • Over-Temperature protection

  • Power Good output

  • Enable Input

  • Selectable Power Transistor size (5/5th or 2/5th) for improved efficiency at small loads (

  • Radiation tolerant: TID up to >200Mrad(Si), displacement damage up to 5.1014n/cm2 (1MeV-equivalent), continuous operation during exposure to heavy ions of LET up to 64MeVcm2mg-1 with short transients below 20% of the nominal Vout (no destructive event, no output power interruption).



  • Avionics
  • Space
  • Nuclear industry 
  • Point Of Load in distributed power systems where either radiation tolerance or magnetic field tolerance, or both, are required. 


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Federico Faccio