Several views of the Computer Center during the installation of servers.
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Digital Solutions for Tomorrow’s Industry – Industrial Controls, Big Data Management, Analytics, and Machine Learning

big dataCERN’s ambitious scientific endeavours are driving developments for faster, smarter, safer and more reliable systems across the Organization’s complex infrastructure and in the experiments. The next machine and detector upgrade will result in a torrent of raw data that needs to be filtered, and will increase the performance demands, which require improved, smarter controls, monitoring, and maintenance protocols. In addition, reducing human interventions in hazardous environments and preparing for future accelerators are also important priorities. Application of machine learning and deep learning techniques to meet the above challenges are part CERN’s experts’ toolkit. 

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Green Technologies – Future Mobility, Energy, and Environmental Monitoring

green techCERN is a large and incredibly complex infrastructure, requiring the efficient operation and control of huge amounts of data, devices and systems – many of which rely on technologies relevant to mobility.For example, in designing superconductive devices, CERN has unique design knowhow and prototyping experience, leveraging knowledge of material properties and in-house developed simulation and modelling software.

CERN’s accelerator technologies can contribute to improve structural monitoring, and are relevant for energy resource management in infrastructures and networks, from beginning to end of life. CERN’s particle detectors contain some of the most powerful imaging tools in the world, and around the CERN accelerator complex, unique devices precisely monitor and control the operational environment. 

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Advanced Materials – High Performance Applications in Harsh Environments


Machines at CERN have to operate reliably for decades in challenging environments, including extremes of temperature, radiation, vacuum and magnetism. CERN experts have developed knowledge in the selection, specification, development and application of materials, processes and devices to meet these demanding requirements.

An important part of CERN’s activities in this domain involves the characterisation and analysis of materials for quality control. For example, CERN’s capability to perform mechanical tests at cryogenic temperatures is not commonly found elsewhere. Such know-how is relevant and can contribute to, for example, the current efforts in liquid hydrogen storage. 

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