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Large Hadron Collider’s (Image: CERN)


Do you work in industry? Would you like to tap into CERN technology and know-how to support your innovation? On 7 October, the Danish Technological Institute and CERN will be organising a virtual event for Danish companies. 

During the event, you will learn about how CERN accelerates innovation in society, including different ways for industry to collaborate with CERN. CERN is engaged in many state-of-the-art technologies and this event will offer you an overview of CERN’s unique expertise in the fields of digital solutions, green technologies, and advanced materials. In addition, there will be opportunities for one-to-one meetings with CERN representatives.

See event agenda and timetable here.

Organisers promotes Danish companies on the Big Science market and has 350 registered companies as members. The network was founded in 2010 by the Danish Technological Institute and the Technical University of Denmark and is financed by the Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science. Read more at

Danish Technological Institute (DTI)

DTI supplies high technology solutions derived from current market requirements to the benefit of individual enterprises. A resilient Danish Technological Institute has ensured high-technology progress since 1906. The purpose is to help enterprises of all sizes remain competitive and innovative, and ensure the continued development, growth and wealth of society as a whole. DTI has around 1,000 specialists within advanced materials, agile production, agro-industry and environmental technology. DTI delivers more than 40,000 advanced technological solutions a year in response to specific needs and problems for more than 12,000 customers. Read more at

The CERN Knowledge Transfer (KT) group

The CERN KT group aims to engage with experts in science, technology and industry in order to create opportunities for the transfer of CERN’s technology and know-how. The ultimate goal is to accelerate innovation and maximise the global positive impact of CERN on society. Read more at


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One-to-one meetings

The event offers also an opportunity to meet individually with CERN Knowledge Transfer Officers. During these meetings, companies are encouraged to shortly introduce their technical innovation challenges and ambitions, which can help CERN to identify areas of potential collaboration. To book a meeting, please get in touch with Helen  Dixon-Altaber via email .


For any general questions related to the event, please contact

Nikolaj Zangenberg

Tel: +45 7220 2494


Helen Dixon-Altaber

Tel: +41227678632