Success Story

Application Domains

The Hyperloop competition, intiated by SpaceX and Tesla founder Elon Musk, sets the challenge of devising a pod-like transportation system travelling at sonic or even ultrasonic speeds in high-vacuum tubes over several hundreds of kilometres - reducing travel times from hours to minutes.

Two CERN Fellows, Market Gutt-Mostowy and Dario Santandread, led the Control and Thermal teams of the competitions' crowd-sourced and open source participant "rLoop", which received the Pod Innoation award. Also, one of CERN's major industrial partners for ultra-high vacuum technology has now been able to partner with Hyperloop Transportation Technology, thanks to the know-how and experience acquired on the LHC. The possiblity of using CERN's innovative CO2 cooling technology for efficient cooling inside the Hyperloop capsule is currently being explored by "euroLoop" - a new company founded by former rLoop members.


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