Fostering a culture of entrepreneurship at CERN

Success Story

Application Domains

One of the Knowledge Transfer (KT) group’s priorities is to foster a culture of entrepreneurship at CERN, by both highlighting the knowledge transfer potential of CERN technology to existing start-ups and by building a community of entrepreneurial-minded individuals to create new ventures. These develop through activities such as the Business Incubation Centre (BIC) network and programmes like the CERN Entrepreneurship Student Programme (CESP) and the NTNU and BIC screening weeks. For the latter, CERN KT invited CERN Alumni who have become entrepreneurs to inspire the next generation. In 2019, more companies joined the CERN BIC network. Arc Power, who develops radiation-resistant electronics for space missions, in the Swiss BIC PARK INNOVAARE; Orvium, who aims to change the scientific publication paradigm, using ZENODO as a document repository, in the Spanish BIC Ineustar; and PlanetWatch, who aims to develop a social network for streaming environmental sensor data, using C2MON as the monitoring software, in the French BIC INNOGEX.