Driving positive impact across Member States

Success Story

Application Domains

The Knowledge Transfer group at CERN initiated a pilot programme in collaboration with the Israel Innovation Authority (IIA), with the purpose of exploring how cutting-edge Israeli companies and institutes can embrace specific CERN technologies and know-how to fuel innovation and drive positive impact in society. In 2018, four exciting projects, including All- In-Image and ImmunoBrain Checkpoint, were selected by CERN and IIA from a wide range of proposals. In 2019, All-in-Image trained a neural network to identify tumours in MRI images from real patients, using SWAN, a CERN platform for interactive data analysis. The same year, ImmunoBrain Checkpoint joined the BioDynaMo consortium which aims to use the BioDynaMo platform to better predict the effectiveness of immunotherapy applications for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.