May 2021

News Highlights: The rise of the radiation protection robots; Connecting Life Sciences Innovators – Innovate in healthcare with CERN; Mining the Future; In October, Orvium scientific publishing platform became CERN spin-off.

Technology Highlights: High-quality, Low-cost Medical Ventilator.

Entrepreneurship: CESP 2021 – Apply to CESP 2021 to develop your start-up ideas; Entrepreneurship Meet-Up #113: Estonia – Start-up Destination.

CERN Alumni: The CERN Alumni Network celebrates its 4th anniversary; CERN AlumniCast | Meet Markos, former CERN Technical Student; Moving out of Academia to the Environment Industry; "News from the Lab" with Maurizio Vretenar, moderated by Roxana Rata; News from the Lab - ATLAS | New Small Wheel project.

CERN & Society Foundation: A donation for the future of youth in science.

EU Projects: AIDAinnova kicks-off a visionary work programme for particle detectors in accelerators.

IdeaSquare: ATTRACT phase 2 will include three open calls! 

CERN's Knowledge Transfer in the media: ADVACAM will help NASA increase the safety of astronauts of the first crewed flight to the Moon since 1972.

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