CERN releases personal protective equipment under its Open Hardware Licence


In March 2020, a working group was established by CERN Director-General Fabiola Gianotti as a response to the wealth of ideas and proposals put forward by the CERN community in contribution to the global fight against COVID-19. Several initiatives drawing on CERN technologies and expertise are underway, and in line with the Organization’s open source philosophy, many of these will be published using the CERN Open Hardware Licence (OHL).

For the past couple of months, CERN has produced and delivered various personal protective equipment (PPE) to the local region. The teams behind two of the PPE designs developed under the CERN against COVID-19 programme are now extending their efforts. Through licensing the face shields and masks under CERN OHL, it enables actors to freely adapt the products to comply with local regulatory frameworks.

CERN has published all documentation through the Open Hardware Repository. Get access to the design files here: