Materials that matter

We meet Jorge Guardia-Valenzuela, Project Associate in the Mechanical and Materials Engineering group, in this issue of our Knowledge Transfer spotlight series

Knowledge sharing
12 January, 2021
Knowledge sharing
12 January, 2021

Simulating the spread of COVID-19 with BioDynaMo

Based on CERN’s experience in large-scale computing, BioDynaMo, an open-source computer simulation software, is now available in the European Open Science Cloud to support fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rooted in society

From fraud protection to vaccine production, ROOT’s wide-ranging impact is revealed in a conversation with Axel Naumann as part of our Knowledge Transfer spotlight series

Big Science Sweden organises successful event with CERN Knowledge Transfer group

Big Science Sweden is developing a Knowledge Transfer Office within Big Science, and is establishing collaboration with the CERN Knowledge Transfer Group. In early November, CERN and Big Science Sweden hosted their first joint event

Knowledge Transfer for the Environment

In September 2020, CERN released its first public Environment Report and included three promising Knowledge Transfer projects with positive application for the environment.