CERN publishes knowledge transfer highlights from 2023


CERN’s 2023 knowledge transfer highlights are available for the first time in digital format, in line with CERN’s commitment to reduce unnecessary printing. (Image: CERN)

CERN’s new digital report “Accelerating Innovation Through Partnerships” highlights knowledge transfer activities from 2023. It showcases concrete applications of CERN technologies and know-how, with diverse examples in the healthcareenvironmentaerospacedigital and quantum fields.

Find out more about CERN’s ongoing partnerships with industry, academia, research institutions and hospitals in its Member and Associate Member States. See how entrepreneurs are supported by the recently launched CERN Venture Connect programme. Discover how these activities not only drive innovation but also have a positive impact on society.

Save the date of 18 April 2024 for the public event “The virtuous circle of knowledge and innovation” taking place in CERN Science Gateway as part of the series of events for CERN’s 70th birthday.

For more information about CERN’s ongoing knowledge transfer activities, visit

This video summarises the new digital report “Accelerating Innovation Through Partnerships”. (Video: CERN)