CERN provides a limited amount of seed funding for medical applications projects.

Here you can find more information about the medical applications budget.


Can I apply for medical application funding?

Yes, if you are a CERN staff member and you have a project related to medical applications.

Is there a deadline to apply?

Projects are accepted throughout the year, but are evaluated at two committee meetings every year.

What type of funding can I expect to receive?

The Medical Applications budget typically covers one PhD student or fellow, and/or material budget.

What is the selection process?

Project proposals are first presented to the Medical Applications Project Forum (MAPF) and, in case of new activities, the CERN Medical Applications Steering Committee (CMASC) evaluates whether the projects fit into CERN’s strategy for medical applications activities. After feedback from the various bodies and from CERN KT, the project proposals are sent to the same committee that evaluates the CERN Knowledge Transfer Fund projects, which meets twice a year. The committee decides whether to fund them or not.

How can I apply?

You can contact to obtain the proposal templates, and for more information.

Should I apply for the Medical Applications budget or for the CERN Knowledge Transfer Fund?

If your project is related to medical applications, you must first apply for the Medical Applications budget.

If your project is considered relevant to CERN’s strategy, but there is no available funding within the Medical Applications budget, you can apply for the KT Fund.

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