CERN provides a limited amount of seed funding for projects with medical applications via the Medical Applications (MA) budget and CERN personnel working with technologies with potential applications in the medical field can apply for resources for both purchase of material and funding of researchers. Since 2014, over 50 projects have been funded by the MA budget, with an average grant of  75 kCHF per project.

Just like the KT Fund, the MA budget highlights CERN’s commitment to maximise the societal impact of its fundamental research.

The procedure is very similar to that of the KT Fund and a presentation needs to be made to the selection committee. However, beforehand a short presentation also needs to be made to the MAPF (Medical Applications Project Forum) to assess the potential of the project. The forum is composed of CERN experts in medical applications (appointed by the Heads of Department) and is chaired by the Medical Applications advisor.

Application deadline for 2023: To be announced.


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2023 MA budget application deadline:
MAPF presentation: To be announced

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