26 Apr/23
11:00 - 12:00 (CET)

KT Seminar: Overcoming the challenges of power transmission in the age of renewables


This presentation will focus on the role of superconducting technology in enabling the renewable energy transition away from fossil fuels. This is relevant as existing grids and grid technologies are reaching their limit and are not scalable to incorporate the level of renewables we need in a manner that is publicly acceptable. It has become increasingly difficult to install overhead lines and conventional underground cable technologies are capacity constrained, and so new innovative grid technologies capable of transmitting much larger levels of power in the marine and terrestrial environments are vital to achieving a successful renewable energy transition.

About the speaker

John Fitzgerald is CEO of SuperNode, an Irish company developing energy transmission technology based on high-temperature superconductors. The company’s vision is to contribute to the decarbonisation of the energy system by providing high power transmission technology that is efficient, scalable and capable of covering long distances, both off-shore and in land. The competitive advantage of SuperNode will be their purpose-designed cryostat system, which will extend the range and efficiency of existing superconducting systems.

SuperNode and CERN have started a collaboration to further develop the novel cryostat, so that it provides the necessary insulation to the superconducting cables. The collaboration stems from the CERN Innovation Programme for Environmental Applications (CIPEA), which is supported by the CERN Knowledge Transfer group. Read more about the announcement here.

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