27 Jun/22
09:00 - 17:50

CIPEA Innovation Day


CERN Main Auditorium / IdeaSquare

Three months ago, the CERN Innovation Programme on Environmental Applications (CIPEA) was launched as a call to the CERN community to come up with new ideas and suggestions for building technology-driven projects addressing critical environmental challenges. Since the programme kicked off in March, CERN’s Knowledge Transfer (KT) group has received (and is still receiving, until 10 June) numerous very interesting proposals from members of the CERN community relating to the four main areas of focus of the CIPEA programme: renewable and low-carbon energy, clean transportation and future mobility, climate change and pollution control, and sustainability and green science.

The response illustrates the commitment of our community towards environmental challenges: no effort has been spared in harnessing the extraordinary competences available within the Organization to tackle environmental issues in depth, without geographical restrictions and going well beyond simple changes in everyday practices.

So, what can CERN do to fight climate change and protect the environment on a global scale? How can accelerators, detectors and IT technologies contribute to a more sustainable future?

Find out the answers to these questions at the CIPEA Innovation Day on 27 June, which will give a bigger stage to the submitted ideas and celebrate the creativity of the CERN community.

The CIPEA Innovation Day will start at 10 a.m. in the Main Auditorium with an introduction by the CERN Management to kick off the event. It will be followed by presentations of the most promising ideas submitted in response to the CIPEA call, their possible integration into CERN’s long-term strategy on environmental applications, and a few selected examples of ongoing flagship projects in each of the four main areas of focus.

In the afternoon, the event will continue at IdeaSquare, where all the new proposals and ideas will be presented and discussed in a friendly environment. Brainstorming and direct contributions from the attendees will be welcome. These exchanges will pave the way towards the next phase of the CIPEA programme: implementing the selected projects.

Whether you are an environmental activist, a creative innovator or just keen to learn how CERN’s activities can have a positive impact on society outside high-energy physics, don’t miss the opportunity to come to the CIPEA Innovation Day!

Find out more on the event’s Indico page.