Job Opening - PhD focusing on the social impact of CERN’s technological, human and branding capital

There is a temporary position available in a joint project at the Department of Industrial Economics and Technology Management at NTNU and CERN Knowledge Transfer Group as PhD Candidate in Industrial Economics and Technology Management for a period of 3 years. The position is part of the joint PhD project between NTNU and CERN, and it is resident 50/50 at NTNU campus in Trondheim, Norway and at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland.

This is an educational position, which will provide promising research recruits the opportunity for professional development through studies towards a PhD degree. The position is connected to the PhD program at the Faculty of Economics and Management, NTNU and the faculty will be your employer.

The Department of Industrial Economics and Technology Management aims to contribute with valuable research on an international level. The department will facilitate international activities such as exchange and collaboration with other universities internationally, and participation at international conferences.

CERN Knowledge Transfer Group and NTNU School of Entrepreneurship (NSE) has over 10 years of track record of collaboration. NTNU-CERN Screening week was a pioneer program and a learning lab for commercialization of research-based business ideas in a Venture Creation Program. A central goal of the project is also to involve these initiatives in the PhD project, as several levels and types of authentic learning and student involvement are of interest.

Application deadline: March 1st 2021

More info about the position and application process on NTNU's website.