CERN´s unique knowhow in designing, building, operating robotics systems for interventions in harsh environments.

CERN´s Know-How:

  • Design and building of robotic solutions for specialised highly complex operations in harsh environments
  • Independent platforms employing reusable software components, from autonomous robotic vehicles to operator trained robots
  • Augmented reality tools and man-machine training for efficient multi purpose interventions

Fact & Figures: 

  • 7 different robotics platforms used at CERN
  • >112 mSv: radiation dose saved to personnel till end of 2018
  • 135 robotic interventions since 2015
  • 6 km/h: max speed of TIM (Train Inspection Monorail) in the LHC tunnel

Value Proposition:

Read more about Robotics here.

Some projects applying these tools: 
  • Autonomous monorail for monitoring of underground water pipelines
    TIM, the Train Inspection Monorail, is a mini vehicle autonomously monitoring the 27-km long LHC tunnel.

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