CERN’s unique know-how derived from years of designing, testing, building and operating complex detector systems.

CERN's Know-How:

  • Design of high performance, high resolution and extreme radiation tolerant detectors
  • Long history of integrating complex and large size heterogeneous detector systems in harsh environments
  • Broad range of testing and qualifying capabilities in CERN, required to develop and commission new detector systems

Facts & Figures:

  • ~10 gray / year: extremely radiation tolerant detector technology
  • 40 MHz: operational frequency resulting from particle collisions every 25nsec
  • 4 T: magnetic field tolerant detector technology
  • 150 M: number of sensors in the LHC

Value Proposition:

Read more about Particle Tracking and Calorimetry here

Some projects applying these tools: 
  • A Versatile Gas Detector
    CERN patented Gas Electron Multiplier updated for use in hadron therapy and radiotherapy.

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