Internal Network

The Internal Network, composed of the Departmental Knowledge Transfer (KT) Coordinators of each CERN department plus a representative from the Safety Commission, acts as the focal point within the departments on all matters relating to knowledge and technology transfer.

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Beams Department (BE)

KT Coordinator: Alberto Rodriguez

KT Coordinator: Hendrik Van Der Bij

DG Unit

KT Coordinator: Michael Markus Benedikt

Engineering Department (EN)

KT Coordinator: Eva Sanchez-Corral Mena

Experimental Physics Department (EP)

KT Coordinator: Michael Campbell

KT Coordinator: Michael Moll

KT Coordinator: Witold Pokorski

Human Resources Department (HR)

KT Coordinator: Maria Fiascaris

Industry, Procurement and Knowledge Transfer Department (IPT)

KT Coordinator: Thierry Lagrange

Information Technology Department (IT)

KT Coordinator: Nils Høimyr

Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Protection Unit (HSE)

KT Coordinator: Marco Silari

Site and Civil Engineering (SCE)

KT Coordinator: Dominique Missiaen

Systems (SY)

KT Coordinator: Thomas Kramer

KT Coordinator: Davide Aguglia

Technology Department (TE)

KT Coordinator: Glyn Kirby

KT Coordinator: Valeria Perez Reale

Theoretical Physics (TH)

KT Coordinator: Timo Weigand