Technologies for a Green Future


26 April is World Intellectual Property Day, this year putting innovation – and the Intellectual Property (IP) rights that support it – at the heart of efforts to create a green future.

The pioneering technologies developed at CERN, as well as the human expertise associated with them, may lead to applications in many fields beyond particle physics. A healthier and more sustainable planet through environmental applications is an area of focus for CERN’s Knowledge Transfer (KT) group, contributing in areas from clean energy solutions to microplastics detection in water, pollution prevention and agricultural optimisation.

From CERN technologies to society.

CERN actively invests in a wide variety of activities to foster innovation, and the KT group plays an important role in this process through their engagement with different actors of its ecosystem. The technical expertise and most innovative technologies are available for commercial and scientific purposes through multiple technology transfer opportunities, such as using CERN technology in your start-up, service and consultancy agreements, licensing and R&D collaborations.

IP lies at the core of successful knowledge transfer at CERN. It enables the Organization to disseminate its novel technologies, ensuring the application of CERN technology and expertise in a way that aligns with CERN’s values, and maximise their societal impact. CERN’s policy is to disseminate its technologies as widely as possible to industrial and institutional partners within its Member States.

Learn more about CERN’s management of IP in their knowledge transfer activities here.

Take a deep dive into some of our applications for a green future: