September 2020

Newsletter September 2020

September 2020

News Highlights: Flashes of electrons against cancer; CERN and Lausanne University Hospital collaborate on a pioneering new cancer radiotherapy facility; CERN technology helps rediscover lost painting by Raphael; CERN and the LHC experiments’ computing resources in the global research effort against COVID-19; ESA has launched Vega CubeSat and the Myriad 2 chip, developed by ESA and tested at CERN

Technology Highlights: The High Energy Ventilator (HEV) at CERN

Ideasquare: ATTRACT reveals how fundamental research can ignite a deep tech revolution

CERN Alumni: Growing the high-energy network; Moving out of Academia to Medtech available online

CERN & Society: The impact of the CERN & Society Foundation

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August 2020

News Highlights: Knowledge transfer at the service of the new European particle physics strategy...

July 2020

News Highlights: Terapet closes CHF 1 Million seed financing to advance the development of proton...

June 2020

News Highlights: CERN releases personal protective equipment under its Open Hardware Licence; CERN...

May 2020

News Highlights: How CERN technology and expertise can help you prepare for the post COVID-19...

April 2020

News Highlights: Knowledge Transfer 2019 Highlights; CERN against COVID-19; MARS Bioimaging is...