prototype Roebel cable to be used to wind a HTS accelerator demonstration dipole
This is a prototype Roebel cable to be used to wind a HTS accelerator demonstration dipole, a first of its kind, within the scope of EuCARD2 WP10 (Future Magnets). The strips are stainless steel and copper, but the final one will be an HTS tape (YBCO) and copper. This prototype cable was manufactured by KIT within the scope of EuCARD2. (Image: CERN)
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Based on CERN’s experience in large-scale computing, BioDynaMo, an open-source computer simulation software, is now available in the European Open Science Cloud to support fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

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In September 2020, CERN released its first public Environment Report and included three promising Knowledge Transfer projects with positive application for the environment.

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