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Flashes of electrons against cancer

Meet Steinar Stapnes, Compact Linear Collider (CLIC) project leader, in the first of our Knowledge Transfer spotlight series

CERN technology helps rediscover lost painting by Raphael

CERN’s Timepix particle detectors, developed by the Medipix2 Collaboration, help unravel the secret of a long-lost painting by the great Renaissance master, Raphael

CERN and Lausanne University Hospital collaborate on a pioneering new cancer radiotherapy facility

CERN and the Lausanne University Hospital (CHUV) are collaborating to develop the conceptual design of an innovative radiotherapy facility, used for cancer treatment

ADVACAM among key innovators within the European X-Mine Project

The European Commission's Innovation Radar has ranked the Czech company ADVACAM among key innovators within the European X-Mine Project, which promises a more efficient and environmentally friendly mining industry.

Knowledge transfer at the service of the new particle physics strategy

Accelerators, detectors, and computing will pave the way for new discoveries and CERN’s Knowledge Transfer group will be on board to maximise their societal impact.

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