Project Description: 

The Structured Laser Beam represents a new paradigm in the creation of non-diffractive beams (NDBs) and it has the potential to greatly improve a number of mainstream applications using laser beams or light beams.

With a very low divergence that keeps the spot size within a few millimetres even at distances of hundreds of metres (with a beam waist of a few µm right after the output of the system), this beam may enable lasers to be used for applications not previously possible, or improve precision within existing applications.

NDBs are frequently used today, primarily by the use of axicons. These can only generate NDBs over a small portion of the beam, typically limited to a few tens of centimetres. The Structured Laser Beam is able to generate an NDB over hundreds of metres, with lower costs. It is therefore possible to envision the application of this beam in applications where NDBs are not typically used today; either in other laser/light beam applications as mentioned above, or entirely different fields. In addition, the Structured Laser Beam exhibits other properties, unique to this beam, and of benefit to other applications.

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