Project Description: 

RADShip is a comprehensive software package that efficiently manages all aspects of shipping radioactive materials, except for the calculations for classifying the material. It fulfils, and in many areas exceeds, the IAEA Specific Safety Requirements SSR-6 [3] that states that “a management system based on international, national or other standards acceptable to the competent authority shall be established and implemented for all activities within the scope of the Regulations, as identified in paragraph 106, to ensure compliance with the relevant provisions of these Regulations {…}”.

In matters of shipping radioactive material, RADShip complies with the UN Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods (Rev.18 2013); the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (2013); the US Code of Federal Regulations Part.49 (2014); and the Dangerous Goods Regulations from IATA (2014).

The RADShip application has a local database back-end and a web interface for user interaction. It was developed to fulfil CERN’s needs in managing radioactive shipments and is part of CERN’s overall management system for shipping of dangerous goods.


Areas of expertise

• Radiation protection

• Management of transport of dangerous goods




Yann Donjoux & Gérald Dumont (CERN- Radiation Protection Group). For more information refer to the KT contact in this document.


Intellectual Property Status

The software rights are exclusively owned by CERN, but the software is available under academic and commercial licence. For more information refer to the KT contact in this document.

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