Project Description: 

For the needs of its scientific programme, CERN has developed a unique motor driver capable of highly repeatable positioning from a remote location up to 1000 metres away.

The technology can deliver reliable positioning with low mechanical overshoot and low vibration using any length of power cable up to 1000 metres. These features make it particularly well suited for remote applications, such as cabled inspection robots, in harsh environments where there are safety risks for direct human intervention, e.g. radioactive areas, underwater infrastructures, high temperature environments, etc.

The device can also drive Stepper Motors or DC Motors (brushed or brushless) meaning that only one driver can be used for many applications.

When operating as a stepper motor driver, the motor driver can operate in either standard micro-stepping mode or in a closed-loop position control mode if a position sensor is available. In the event of a sensor failure, it is capable of switching online from closed-loop position control to stepper mode without changing position.

When operating as a brushed DC motor driver, a single driver can drive two motors reading a different encoder for each.

The technology has been validated in CERN’s highly demanding environment and is currently deployed in the critical application of the LHC beam crystal collimators.

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