Project Description: 

CernVM-FS is a web-based, global, and versioning file system optimized for software distribution.  The file system content is installed on a central web server from where it can be mirrored and cached by other web servers and web proxies.  File system clients download data and meta-data on demand and cache them locally.  Data integrity and authenticity is ensured by cryptographic hashes and digital signatures.  CernVM-FS is used, among others, by the LHC experiments for the distribution of 100 million files and directories of LHC experiment software onto tens of thousands of nodes distributed worldwide.


Some projects using this technology: 
  • Pharma Company Using CERN File System
    The CernVM File System was developed to assist high-energy physics collaborations to deploy software on the worldwide-distributed computing infrastructure used to run data processing applications.
  • CERN Virtual Machine File System for Euclid Science Data Centres
    Sharing software and codes in big data environments is a challenge. To do this efficiently researchers at CERN have developed a system called CernVM-FS, for CERN Virtual Machine File System, which is currently used in high-energy physics experiments to distribute about 350 million files.

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