The startup Terabee started off providing aerial inspections and imaging services by deploying drones. After a fruitful collaboration with CERN, where sensors were made to ensure the safety of operations in the complex environments of LHC, its business was expanded to innovative 2D and 3D infrared LED Time-of-Flight sensor development and thermal cameras for many movement monitoring applications such as mobile robotics, industry 4.0 and IoT.

 In 2016, the start-up, among others, won the prestigious first place in the automation category of STARTUP WORLD at AUTOMATICA.

In 2020, Terabee SAS, a start-up supported by the French BIC Innogex, developed the proximity-sensing device Proximeter, based on CERN’s miniIoT (Internet of Things) technology. The portable, wearable device can be used to register encounters (as defined by the contact-tracing authority), improve contact tracing in the event of a positive coronavirus test result, or to alert the wearer when in close proximity to others beyond a certain time. The device will deliver fast and timely data thanks to the robust communication module and back-end software made available by CERN, respecting user’s privacy.

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