The technologies and scientific advances behind high-energy physics - through developments in accelerators, detectors and computing - have historically contributed to the field of medical and biomedical technologies.

Our Activities in Medical and Biomedical Technologies

CERN know-how and technologies with potential or existing medical and biomedical applications

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Success stories of CERN-related medical and biomedical applications

  • The Medipix Chips and Collaborations: from medical imaging to space dosimetry.
    Originally developed for use in the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) experiments, the Medipix technologies have made the journey from CERN to applications across a wide range of sectors - an outstanding example of how technology developed at CERN can create societal impact.
  • GeneROOT: From High-Energy Physics to Large Genomics Datasets
    GeneROOT uses a data-processing framework developed at CERN for the high-energy physics community, to analyse large genomics datasets.
  • BioDynaMo: Simulating Biological Tissue Dynamics
    BioDynaMo aims to design and build a cloud-based computing platform for rapid simulation of biological tissue dynamics, such as brain development.

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