The technologies and scientific advances behind high-energy physics - through developments in accelerators, detectors and computing - have historically contributed to the field of medical and biomedical technologies.

Our Activities in Medical and Biomedical Technologies

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CERN know-how and technologies with potential or existing medical and biomedical applications

Success stories of CERN-related medical and biomedical applications

  • Towards the Next Generation Ion Therapy Facilities
    In 2018, CERN laid the foundations for a collaborative study to start in 2019, to tackle the design and the key components for a new generation of compact and cost-effective light-ion medical accelerators.
  • ALPIDE: A New Methodology for Proton CT
    A new Monolithic Active Pixel Sensor, originally developed to upgrade the ALICE inner tracking system during the second long shutdown of LHC, is on its way to Bergen University for a very different application – Proton Computed Tomography (Proton CT).
  • Towards High-resolution Single Photon Imaging Using Highly-polarised Gamma-emitting Nuclei
    This project is devoted to the development, testing and first applications of a high-resolution single photon imaging technique (Gamma MRI).

Recent Press coverage of CERN medtech activities

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