Using BioDynaMo to Study Virus Spread in Closed Environments | BioDynamo


Viral contamination between individuals is enlarged in closed environments, especially in poorly ventilated areas. Studying different conditions influencing the risk of infection for people in closed spaces is then critical. Available models can not simulate both the movement of people and the turbulence of airflows and trajectory of droplets containing viral particles. Many studies only use static individuals with detailed simulation of droplets, or agent movement alongside virus spreading but using only a simplistic diffusion mechanism. Simulating displacement of agents together with detailed spreading of virus particles will be a valuable contribution to the field.

In collaboration with the epidemiological department of the University of Geneva, BioDynamo has developed a computational tool for modelling agent displacement and aerosol and droplet spreading. There is an interface between BioDynaMo (, an agent based simulation framework, and OpenLB (, a Lattice Boltzmann fluid dynamic simulation framework. ROOT (, a CERN technology, is also used as part of BioDynaMo.

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