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Portable radiation survey meter operating in strong magnetic field, for alpha, beta and gamma measurements
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Radiation surveys around particle accelerators or radioactive-source facilities are usually performed with hand-held gamma monitors and, in specific cases, contamination probes. The aim of these surveys is to evaluate the radiological risk of personnel exposure to ionizing radiation. The need for a portable radiation survey meter operating in strong magnetic fields came from the LHC experiments at CERN. Investigation by CERN’s Radiation Protection Group found that commercial radiation-survey meters were unable to meet these requirements. Thus, a collaboration agreement with the Politecnico di Milano was initiated to design and build a small series (five units) of prototype devices. In 2013 the KT group established a formal relationship with the Politecnico di Milano and developed an IP management and exploitation agreement with the partner organization. The devices find applications in diverse domains, from PET/MRI scanners to industrial mineral processing and even fire brigades.

75 kCHF
2014 -
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