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Kryolize Project is a Research & Development project in the field of Cryogenic Safety and pressure relief systems.  This KT funded project has two main deliverables:
1.       Gather experimental data to measure the physical and thermodynamic events during accidental venting scenarios. This consists in running experiments with “Loss of Vacuum” scenarios in Liquid Helium baths and study the behaviour of the system (plus other phenomena like 2 phase flow relief). The experiments are prepared with very high sampling rates to record the physical events with large precision. The experiments are performed in collaboration with the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.
2.       Develop software called ‘Kryolize Professional’ for sizing the minimum discharge area of a pressure relief Safety device in cryogenic systems, based on International (ISO), European (EN) and American (API) standards

Kryolize Professional

Kryolize Professional is a software tool used for calculating the size of the minimum discharge area of a pressure relief Safety device, to protect cryogenic equipment and infrastructure from an accidental overpressure. The objective of the project was to design and implement user-friendly software, running on multiple platforms and using robust models validated through experimental data.
The following videos show some of the functionalities of Kryolize.






103 kCHF
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Andre Henriques

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