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A dual-modality approach to motion-corrected tomography for medical applications
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The aim of this project is to develop a motion-corrected tomography system, combining electrical impedance tomography and x-ray CT imaging, for radiotherapy. One of the reasons for cancer treatment failure – particularly in lung and liver cases – is that internal organs move when the patient breathes, literally making tumours a moving target. At the current time, around 30% of conventional radiotherapy treatments fail and the project hopes to improve this statistics by enhancing the efficacy of radiotherapy as a treatment for cancer. The project is a collaboration with the Engineering Tomography Laboratory at a UK-based university and KT funding helps to support two full-time PhD students. Progress to date has been good, with a model of breathing motion having been generated from data simulations, and validation and calibration using data from phantom experiments on-going.

87 kCHF
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