Development of accelerating structures for a FLASH radiation facility

Prototype CLIC accelerating structures and components in the high-accelerating gradient test area. Specially adapted versions of this equipment will form heart of the high-performance accelerator of a future clinical FLASH facility.

CERN collaborates with CHUV (Lausanne) on the design of an innovative clinical FLASH radiation therapy facility. The baseline design is nearly complete and a Conceptual Design Report (CDR) is being written.  With the feasibility of the baseline design established, the priority for the design effort is now to elaborate in greater depth initial design choices and to evaluate if alternatives can provide better performance, reliability etc.  This project proposes to carry out a critical review of the proposed CLIC technology-based X-band linac RF system and to evaluate alternative components, especially the accelerating structures.

The project bridges the gap between the first project phase (conceptual design) and the actual construction of a FLASH radiotherapy facility at CHUV.