28 Sep/20
16:00 - 17:30 (Europe/Zurich)

Open Source Ventilators in ProjectOpenAir

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ProjectOpenAir was a volunteer movement created in March 2020 to tackle the lack of medical equipment in the fight against Covid-19.
What started as a simple idea based on a tweet, became a strong global volunteer community of people committing their time and know-how to develop  solutions that could be implemented anywhere around the world. Although hundreds of ideas were discussed, the project focused on 4 main pillars; Open Source Ventilators, Social Masks, Full body protection Kits EPIS, and Vent2life (platform to assist and reshape old ventilators).

In June 2020, ProjectOpenAir was integrated into the NGO - Doctors of the World to guarantee that each project could reach the front line, and serve a wider population.

For the Open Source Ventilators pillar we developed a minimalist invasive ventilator concept implementing the pressure‑controlled continuous mandatory ventilation mode (PC-CMV) with settable breathing rates, inspiration/expiration time ratios and FiO2 modulation.
Although safe, the design aimed at minimizing the use of technical components and those used to be common in industry, so its construction may be possible in times of logistical shortage or disruption or in areas with reduced access to technical materials and at a moderate cost, affordable to lower income countries.
This device has meanwhile evolved to a more compact model, aimed for use at remote locations worldwide.

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