7 Dec/21
08:30 - 12:15 (CET)

Tech4Eva Conference : The state art of Femtecch

tech4eva event poster

Tech4Eva Conference

The gender gap in health research undermines effective prevention, diagnosis and treatment for women. Additionally, more investment and support needs to be deployed to scale up Femtech start-ups providing innovative solutions.  On December 7th the startup founders of the Femtech Accelerator Tech4Eva will showcase the latest market trends and technology solutions addressing the most pressing issues in women’s health from fertility, pregnancy, menopause, to overall prevention and wellness. Join the discussion with stakeholders, ecosystem builders, investors, researchers, entrepreneurs and innovators to accelerate the Femtech development in Switzerland and across the world.


The program is part of the Swiss Accelerator Showcase, you are invited to join the afternoon portion of the program.

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