26 Jan/23
18:00 - 19:00 (CET)

News from the Lab | CERN KT Healthcare



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The technologies and scientific advances behind high-energy physics - through developments in accelerators, detectors and computing - have historically contributed to healthcare.

CERN contributes to medical innovation through its cutting-edge technologies, competencies and know-how: these are being used in areas related to medical diagnostics and imaging, therapy, dosimetry, as well as digital technologies for health applications.

In this talk, Benjamin Frisch will discuss the close link between medicine and physics and give an overview of CERN’s contributions to healthcare.

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About the Speaker

Benjamin Frisch

Benjamin is a deep tech enthusiast with over fifteen years of experience in contributing to cutting-edge technological developments.

He joined CERN’s KT Group in 2018, where he coordinates the transfer of CERN technologies towards applications in medicine and quantum technologies, by fostering collaborations with industrial, academic and clinical partners.

Benjamin holds a PhD from the Technical University of Vienna, obtained for his work on positron emission tomography at CERN.